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An excellent resource book providing provocative study tools for understanding Isaiah’s end-time prophecy.

Publication: Avraham Gileadi, Windows on the Prophecy of Isaiah: Study Tools for Understanding Isaiah. Many examples of analyzing or “searching” Isaiah’s words for Judeo-Christian readers and the tools needed to do one’s own research and investigation: 322 pages. (First edition, Hebraeus Press, 2015). Softcover, $25.95, ISBN 978-0-910511-33-0. E-Book, $8.95, ISBN 978-0-910511-34-9. MP3 download, $9.95.

Back Cover: This book provides many examples of analyzing or “searching” Isaiah’s words and the tools needed for doing one’s own research. Literary devices conceal and reveal deeper levels of meaning embedded in Isaiah’s writings that emerge through careful analysis of the text.

From Avraham Gileadi: Having completed what I assumed was my last book on Isaiah based on the wealth of literary evidence I had uncovered during forty years of analyzing Isaiah’s writings, I still possessed research materials in the nature of study tools readers could benefit from. As people learn best making their own discoveries, or acquiring the means to do so, I supplemented those materials with additional study tools and published Windows on the Prophecy of Isaiah. Combined with the different approaches for understanding Isaiah’s prophecy contained in my other books, this book rounds out the series, ruling out any reason not to become familiar with the amazing message Isaiah that was held in reserve for our day.


Part One: Key Features of the Prophecy of Isaiah

Part Two: Isaiah’s Layered Literary Structures

Part Three: Seven Spiritual Levels of Humanity

Part Four: Ancient Types of End-Time Events

Part Five: Keywords in the Prophecy of Isaiah

Part Six: Overviews of Isaiah’s Prophecy

Part Seven: Glossary of Terms Relating to Isaiah

Excerpt: Covenant curses such as natural disasters, internal collapse, and enemy invasion aren’t just a consequence of transgression but acts of God. Designed to turn his people’s hearts back to him—to motivate them to repent—they demonstrate that Jehovah is in charge and that their only recourse in alleviating them is to align themselves with him and keep the terms of his covenant. The king of Assyria/Babylon may be “him who smites them” physically, but it is Jehovah who is doing the smiting and of whom they may “inquire” and get answers instead of from the dead (cf. Isaiah 8:19–20; 55:6; 65:1).

Excerpt: As Jehovah is humanity’s only Savior, his people needn’t look elsewhere for their salvation, no matter what constraints or threats they come under. Nations and rulers may concoct their own plans for their peoples but they will come to nought. From the first, Jehovah conceived and planned his people’s salvation and their enemies’ damnation. As a proof of his divinity, he foretold his work of deliverance at the hand of his servant and of destruction at the hand of the archtyrant from of old (Isaiah 25:1; 37:26; 44:7–8; 46:9–13). Of these things, his people may gain a testimony and bear witness.

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