God Is Speaking to Us Today through the Prophecy of Isaiah

God has reserved the prophecy of Isaiah for the express purpose of guiding endtime believers through the perils posed by the events of their day. It proves a lot easier to negotiate challenges when you know who the players are and what their game plan is. Isaiah saw it and wrote it down: 

Isaiah 30:8
Go now, write on tablets concerning them;
     record it in a book for the endtime,
as a testimony forever.

Simple tools now available for interpreting Isaiah’s prophecy reveal an endtime scenario and a divine theology. Once unsealed using these simple tools, the Book of Isaiah appears as the centerpiece of all prophecies, through which all others interrelate and become intelligible.

Over the centuries—even from New Testament times (see Acts 8:26–39)—the Book of Isaiah has posed a stumbling block for both learned and unlearned alike. Isaiah himself refers to the “book” God commanded him to write “for the endtime” (Isaiah 30:8) as “a sealed book”:

Isaiah 29:11–12
For you the sum of vision has become
     as the words of a sealed book
which they give to one who is learned, saying,
     Please read this, and he answers, I cannot; it is sealed.
Or, if they give it to one who is unlearned, saying,
     Please read this, he answers, I am unlearned.

The context of this passage are the people’s “prophets” and “seers” who are in a “deep sleep,” on the one hand (Isaiah 29:10), and their “wise men” and “learned” who teach “precepts of men,” on the other (Isaiah 29:13–14). Not until the endtime do people finally understand its message:

Isaiah 29:18
In that day shall the deaf hear
     the words of the book
and the eyes of the blind see
     out of gross darkness.

In other words, people come to understand the Book of Isaiah only when they realize it doesn’t lend itself to dissection by academics or to proof-texting by well-meaning interpreters. That is because the book is one masterwork, each of whose parts interconnects and interacts with others.

Assigning a certain meaning to any passage—as when trying to “prove” an interpretation—or publishing select studies when seeking academic tenure, is calculated to create confusion. Why then do people go on using this same approach that hasn’t worked, expecting a different result?

Only by decoding Isaiah’s writings as a whole can you connect the pieces and arrive at a credible interpretation of any one part. We invite you to learn the tools we provide and let this holistic approach work for you. As you do so, you will experience the divine blessing that comes with it.

Isaiah 48:6–9
You have heard the whole vision;
     how is it you do not proclaim it?
Yet as of now, I announce to you new things,
     things withheld and unknown to you,
things now coming into being, not hitherto,
     things you have not heard of before,
     lest you should say, Indeed I knew them!
You have not heard them,
     nor have you known them;
before this your ears have not been open to them.

“Analyzing Isaiah’s writings has for me been a journey of many years that I hope will spare you the necessity of repeating. Each time I discovered a new literary feature, I was compelled to totally revamp what I had previously understood and to readjust my thinking”—Avraham Gileadi.

As you apply the tools to understand what God is telling us today through the prophet Isaiah, your efforts will immediately bear fruit. Many more questions will arise at first than answers. But as you persist, the pieces will come together and you will “see” and “hear” as never before.

Isaiah Made Simple

Recommended Reading and Listening:

Avraham Gileadi, Isaiah Made Simple: Unsealing the Essential Isaiah. An introduction to the inner workings and simple tools for analyzing the prophecy of Isaiah for Judeo-Christian readers. Hebraeus Press, 2018: 160 pages. Softcover $13.95; E-Book $8.95; MP3 download $7.95.


Recommended Reading and Listening:

Avraham Gileadi, Analytical Commentary of the Book of Isaiah. The best single audio companion available anywhere for Judeo-Christian listeners desiring to learn Isaiah’s prophetic message for our day. Hebraeus Press, 2006. 30-hour MP3 download $14.95.

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