Modern Idolatry and the End of the World



Modern Idolatry and the End of the World unveils twelve ancient kinds of idolatry that caused the judgements of God to come upon the world and are flourishing again today. Even now, their ripple effects—darkened minds, unbelief, oppression, and violence—are bringing on God’s judgements, spelling the end of the world as we know it.

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Back Cover: Twelve ancient kinds of idolatry that caused the judgments of God to come upon the world are flourishing again today. Even now, their ripple effects—darkened minds, unbelief, oppression, and violence—are brining on God’s judgments, spelling the end of the world as we know it.

From Avraham Gileadi: Drawing on a much earlier writing of mine called “Twelve Diatribes of Modern Israel,” and seeing that modern idol worship mirrors today’s world more than ever, I adapted the earlier writing into its own little book. I added the “end of the world” motif as that idea reflects particularly the prophecies of Isaiah. His predictions of God’s worldwide Day of Judgment called the “Day of Jehovah” develop out of a hedonistic Babylonish type of society that revels in a preoccupation with the things of this world. It might surprise you to discover just how perniciously materialistic the world has become in practically every area of life. On the other hand, it doesn’t strike me as hard to simply divest ourselves of it either.



  1. Defining Idolatry
  2. Coexistence of True and False Worship
  3. Worshiping Images
  4. Violence and Sex
  5. Pop Music
  6. Organized Sports
  7. Human Idols
  8. Imaginations of the Heart
  9. Nature Cults
  10. Mammon of Unrighteousness
  11. Culture of Babylon
  12. The Arm of Flesh
  13. Elitism–Pharisaism
  14. Pollution of the Temple


Excerpt: In pointing out parallels of idolatry between God’s people anciently and today, we mustn’t presume that people worship only false gods. Worship of the true God is rarely done away. Rather, people often worship the true God alongside the false gods. They maintain a careful equilibrium in order to preserve an identity with the God of Israel, the God of their fathers, but at the same time they follow their own gods as they please. Such a compromise enables them to satisfy both their carnal instincts and their spiritual aspirations. It causes God’s prophets to cry out in anguish, “Choose you this day whom you will serve” (Joshua 24:15) and “How long will you halt between two opinions?” (1 Kings 18:21).

Excerpt: In some instances of idolatry, worship of the true God and false gods becomes fused. Then the concept of the true God gets distorted while the false gods assume the authenticity and endorsement that belongs to the true God. Of all idolatry, God finds such syncretism most intolerable. It epitomizes the idea of “philosophies of men mingled with scripture.” Things incongruent with true worship thereby acquire an aura of sanctity. For God’s people, syncretism lies but one step away from severing their spiritual roots. It forms the final stage of apostasy before God brings on his judgment.[/TS_VCSC_Advanced_Textblock][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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