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Dated June 17, 2024
Disclaimer From Avraham Gileadi -
I, Avraham Gileadi, wish to clarify that I have never indicated, either explicitly or implicitly, that I believe any individual to be the Davidic servant referenced in the prophecies of Isaiah. Any claims to the contrary are false. Those acquainted with me understand that I have consistently refrained from engaging in the identification of this person.
October 27, 2023

Prophecies of a Latter-Day David
(See also Official Church Publications About a Latter-Day David)

The Isaiah Institute’s teachings concerning a latter-day David are firmly anchored in the Word of God—as evident in the prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and others—and not on dreams or personal interpretations. We hold the conviction that the emergence of this anticipated Davidic servant will align with historical and scriptural patterns that serve as a hedge against counterfeits, and that his appearance will occur in the Lord’s own due time.

The Isaiah Institute has consistently maintained that we neither endorse nor encourage individuals to identify as the latter-day David nor validate any claims regarding his identity. We encourage people to search the Word of God for themselves, as all are commanded, and to avoid deception. We emphatically caution everyone against engaging with groups or individuals who profess to be this Davidic servant or who claim knowledge of his identity.

We encourage all to focus on the Lord Jesus Christ and his gospel of repentance and peace.

February 15, 2023

The Isaiah Institute exists to teach the tools of literary analysis that enables people to better search the scriptures for themselves and to be guided by personal discoveries and divine inspiration. Although the Isaiah Institute operates independent of any church or religious group, it encourages people in these goals to sustain their ecclesiastical leaders.

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