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The best audio introduction to Isaiah’s end-time prophecy as it analyzes the Book of Isaiah verse by verse, introducing the listener to Isaiah’s end-time message embedded in a series of literary devices such as word links, keywords, and code names that reveal the deeper layers of Isaiah’s prophecy.

Publication: Avraham Gileadi, Analytical Commentary of Isaiah (Hebraeus Press, 2006). The best single audio companion available anywhere for Judeo-Christian listeners desiring to know Isaiah’s prophetic message for our day. 30-hour MPs download, $14.95, ISBN 0-910511-15-2.

Back Cover: Enjoy this personable verse-by-verse commentary of Isaiah by well-known Hebrew scholar Avraham Gileadi as he takes you by the hand and leads you safely through a labyrinth of prophetic wonders. At the cutting edge of Bible research, Dr. Gileadi’s life’s work of decoding Isaiah’s literary devices, here presented for the beginner, reveals a complete and detailed overview of the “last days.” Professionally edited, each chapter takes you a step further into the enlightening realm of Isaiah’s theology of spiritual ascent and the Bible’s most explicit endtime prophecy.

 From Avraham Gileadi: Each time I discovered a new layer of Isaiah’s literary devices, I had to completely revamp my thinking about this amazing book of scripture. My college mentors claimed it takes ten years of intense research in order to begin making a significant contribution in the field of biblical studies. I found that to be more than true. To get to the point of speaking extemporaneously about Isaiah, with the sure knowledge that proof of what you say exists in the many literary devices Isaiah uses, took time. On the other hand, the exercise of analyzing Isaiah’s writings and making new discoveries was itself a gratifying experience that drove me to persist and finally reach a plateau to where I felt my voice could be heard.

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