Isaiah Made Simple: Unsealing the Essential Isaiah


This work is a beginner’s guide to the amazing labyrinth of the words of Isaiah. This work does NOT claim to be an “Isaiah for Dummies” kind of book. It teaches you how to search Isaiah’s words for yourself using simple literary tools. It empowers you to comprehend the most important prophecy for our time by letting it speak for itself in ways hitherto unrealized.

Publication: Avraham Gileadi, Isaiah Made Simple: Unsealing the Essential Isaiah. A beginner’s introduction to understanding the inner workings yet simple messages of the Book of Isaiah for Judeo-Christian readers: 160 pages. (First edition, Hebraeus Press, 2018). Softcover, $13.95, ISBN 978-0-910511-79-7. E-Book, $8.95, ISBN 978-0-910511-80-3.

Back Cover: (1) This work does not claim to be an “Isaiah for Dummies” kind of book; (2) does not quote so-called experts, authorities, or academicians: and (3) does not select a few passages to “prove” a doctrine, belief, or opinion. This word (1) does claim to be a beginner’s guide through the amazing labyrinths of the words of Isaiah; (2) does teach you how to search Isaiah’s words for yourself using simple literary tools; and (3) does empower you to comprehend the most important prophecy for our time by letting it speak for itself in ways hitherto unrealized.

From Avraham Gileadi: When asked more times than I can remember whether I had published an “Isaiah for Dummies,” I would tell people that when it comes to Isaiah, after you finish reading an “Isaiah for Dummies” you are still a dummy. The Book of Isaiah doesn’t lend itself to simplistic interpretations. Rather, it deserves serious study and rewards it investigators with untold spiritual riches. As not everyone is able to jump straight into the complexities of Isaiah and figure them out, I finally responded to this growing need. To that end, I am grateful for the encouragement of my dear friend Dr. Kenichi Shimokawa, who conducted a survey of readers’ common questions and who kindly wrote the book’s Introduction.


Introduction by Kenichi Shimokawa Ph.D.
About the Prophet Isaiah
Part One: I Can Discover the Message of Isaiah!
Part Two: Exercises in searching the words of Isaiah
Part Three: Key Features of the Prophecy of Isaiah
Part Four: Questions & Answers concerning Isaiah
Part Five: Mini-Studies that Simplify Learning
postscript by Kenichi Shimokawa Ph.D

Publications by Avraham Gileadi Ph.D.
Excerpt: I wonder why a prophet of God would speak in language that seems so obscure.
There are two reasons why Isaiah’s language may seem obscure. Both are readily solvable. First, many translations of Isaiah are antiquated or so literalistic that the sense of the words is lost. A modern language version, such as the Isaiah Institute Translation, goes a long way toward making Isaiah’s words clear. Second, the Book of Isaiah is written in code, which requires a few essential literary tools to decode it. These, we will introduce to you.

Excerpt: The context changes suddenly and I am left wondering how to connect the parts.
Because Isaiah uses no obvious timeline, his words may at times jump from one context to another. Each passage nevertheless forms an integral part of a larger fabric. Although individual passages often originate in separate situations in Israel’s ancient history, all portray one great endtime scenario as will be explained later. When searching Isaiah’s words, therefore, read historical segments as an allegory of the end of the world as we know it.

Excerpt: People or persons who appear in the Book of Isaiah aren’t just incidental to Isaiah’s prophecy. They also represent distinct spiritual levels, some higher, some lower. By examining their character traits, we can discover a hierarchy or ladder that leads to heaven; or, alternately, that leads to hell. Each level within this ascending hierarchy corresponds to a particular covenant and its laws God has ordained that people are willing or unwilling to keep.

The Most High God, the Father of all, who dwells in the highest heaven—Isaiah 14:14
Jehovah, the Creator and Savior of Israel and of humanity—Isaiah 43:11–12; 45:11–12
The servant who prepares the way for Jehovah’s coming to reign on earth—Isaiah 49:5–6, 8–12
Spiritual kings and queens, who gather and restore God’s people—Isaiah 49:22–23; 60:3–4
God’s sons and daughters, his elect, who gather from dispersion to Zion—Isaiah 43:5–6; 49:22
Zion/Jerusalem, God’s covenant people whose sins he forgives—Isaiah 33:20, 24; 40:1–2;
Jacob/Israel, believers in the God of Israel who need to repent of sins—Isaiah 42:24; 46:3–4
Babylon, the world’s idolaters and oppressors, who die—Isaiah 13:1, 11, 19; 47:1, 6–7
Perdition, orchestrators of evil who pass a point of no return—Isaiah 14:15–22; 30:33
Which spiritual level do you think approximates yours?
To which spiritual level do you want to ascend?
Have you learned God’s laws that pertain to each spiritual level?

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