Endtime Prophecy: A Judeo-Mormon Analysis


A landmark work by Isaiah scholar and LDS theologian Avraham Gileadi. His in-depth analysis of the Bible and Book of Mormon brings to light a wealth of hidden and empowering truths relating to our day—at the same time exposing many popular interpretations that have no scriptural basis, clearing away stumbling blocks for LDS readers.

Description: Never has scriptural interpretation come under such cutting scrutiny. As found in Jewish and Mormon primary sources, God’s Word reveals itself in layer upon layer of glorious truth. Taking on Christian creeds about the nature of God, Jewish settlers’ sense of entitlement to the Land of Israel, establishment machinations to destroy humanity’s freedoms, the origins and fulfillment of messianic prophecies, and Mormon misinterpretations of their own scriptures, the author reveals what God’s Word is actually saying, not what religionists assume it is saying.

Testimonial: “Never have I experienced such a comprehensive, well-documented work. I would call it a masterpiece”—Heather Linchenko

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  1. Heather Linchenko

    For the past 2-3 years, I have been reading, listening to and studying everything of Gileadi’s that I can get my hands on. His reasoning is so sound, his understanding so vast, the cases he makes so lucid—all and only based on scripture—that I am finally compelled to take the messages of Isaiah seriously.

    The seeming neglect of Isaiah’s words by every person I knew, even my spiritual guides, had been weighing on me. Though I had studied the standard works as deeply and slowly as I could, Isaiah remained out of reach, even as a Gospel Doctrine teacher with access to instructor manuals. That I found so many Isaiah chapters in the Book of Mormon and was commanded to search them diligently; was told that he was the most quoted prophet in all of holy writ, including the most quoted by Jesus; that great were his words and I should be delighting in them, left me between a rock and hard place.

    Finally, I decided my only option was to read the book of Isaiah over and over without any effort at understanding hoping that God would eventually reveal its messages to me. That’s when I “bumped into” a Youtube video of a man named Avraham Gileadi (Catholic, turned Jew, turned member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). Wow. Not only had he gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon and restored Gospel, he had been trained in the way of the Jews! I remembered this much from scripture about Isaiah—that one needed that very thing to understand it! I was also stoked that he was not one to fossilize around any religion or tradition as humankind is wont to do, but was willing to go wherever his quest for truth might lead. All this not to even mention that he worked an additional ten post-doctoral years working to crack the code of Isaiah before feeling qualified to write his first book.

    The book of Isaiah is full of surprises (not all of them good), but the most exciting for me is how much light it sheds on all of scripture; it’s like the puzzle box lid.

    When I got to the book Gileadi calls his capstone work, Endtime Prophesy, I was blown away. Never have I experienced such a comprehensive, well-documented work. I would call it a masterpiece.

    I am seeing so clearly now that this “sealed” book of Isaiah is a last-days test and preparation from God for his people. Always, I am sharing my excitement for Isaiah with others; rarely does it take hold. It seems this is oil one is unable to share.

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