The Book of Isaiah: A New Translation with Interpretive Keys from the Book of Mormon


A modern English translation of the Book of Isaiah that is true to the Hebrew and that attempts to convey the meaning of the prophet’s words rather than transcribe a technically correct rendering that is needlessly hard to comprehend. Four interpretive keys to understanding Isaiah drawn from the Book of Mormon make this an excellent introduction to Isaiah’s prophecy.

Testimonial: “A new and distinctive translation which constitutes an advance upon other modern translations. It is sensitive and manages to capture in English the vigor of the Hebrew idiom”—Professor Roland K. Harrison, Editor-in-Chief, The New King James Version.

Testimonial: “Dr. Gileadi is the only LDS scholar I know of who is thoroughly competent to teach the words of Isaiah”—Hugh Nibley.

Testimonial: “Avraham Gileadi takes one by the hand to explain nuances of language, setting, and Jewish modes of thought. Suddenly Isaiah, a book foreign and opaque, becomes a book of light”—Truman G. Madsen.

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