Avraham Gileadi

Avraham Gileadi is a Hebrew scholar and literary analyst specializing in the Book of Isaiah. He was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ in 1972 in the Pool of Siloam after having read the Book of Mormon, which he found in a kibbutz library. He received academic degrees from Brigham Young University: a B.A. in University Studies, a M.A. in Ancient Scripture, and a Ph.D. in Ancient Studies with Hugh Nibley as chair. During his academic years, Gileadi taught Hebrew, Religion courses, and an Honors Philosophy class in the literary analysis of the Book of Isaiah. Sponsored by the Hebraeus Foundation (est. 1990), Avraham Gileadi has lectured widely, given seminars and firesides, and published many books on the Book of Isaiah and related subjects that teach Jewish analytical methods and help one understand Isaiah’s prophecy.

Does the Book of Isaiah Supersede All Other Prophecy?

Isaiah’s own testimony—that his revelations specifically address the end-time; that they foretell the end from the beginning; that Israel’s ancient history consists of a series of types or precedents that foreshadow things to come; and so forth—clearly define his book as centrally important to understanding God’s dealings in human history, past, present, and future. But […]

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What did Jesus and Israel’s prophets say about the writings of Isaiah?

Question: What did Jesus and Israel’s prophets say about the writings of Isaiah?Answer: As the most quoted prophet in all of scripture, Isaiah is accorded the highest honors among God’s prophetic messengers. When Jesus says, “Search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life, for they are those that testify of me”

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The King

Isaiah predicts that before Jehovah’s coming to reign on the earth, kings and queens of the Gentiles will restore the house of Israel to God’s covenant and to lands of inheritance. We know from this prophecy and from other scriptures that these persons will serve as spiritual kings and queens not political ones. On the

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Above Offense

When situations in life greet you in which persons and institutions whom you would expect should most stand by you instead oppose you, it indeed presents a paradoxical challenge difficult to reconcile. You might say that such situations would likely rarely happen because most people and proven institutions are good. True, but there are also

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Doing and Believing

Time and again, I have proven to myself that the relationship between “doing” and “believing” works like a mathematical equation. As the Israelites said at the foot of the mount at the time they covenanted with God, “We will do and we will hear” (na’a’seh wenismâ’; Exodus 24:7), meaning that with the doing comes the

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God’s People—Catalyst of God’s Judgments

Believers in the scriptures understand that the world will be destroyed and cleansed of the wicked before Jehovah’s coming to reign on the earth. But do they know what precipitates such destruction? Patterns from the past tell us what to look for that will signal the commencement of God’s endtime judgments. Paul draws on the

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My Lament

It remains appalling to me that, after four decades since the major breakthroughs I had in analyzing and decoding the Book of Isaiah’s literary features, how little interest has been shown in these discoveries by the general membership of the Church. The many thousands who today understand the depth and magnitude of Isaiah’s message as

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How Can We Help Our Young Adults to Have Faith? –Part One

From Deila: How can we help our young adults to have faith in the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith when they are so unhappy with the church and leaving it? Answer: The Book of Mormon, and also the scriptures in general, have never received the diligent searching they have deserved. If so, their deeper,

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The Shift

Many who are versed in the scriptures who keep up with world events and take note of “signs in the heavens” are aware of a radical shift occurring away from past norms that held the nation together. As troubling as that trend may be—as in no time under those conditions society could go into freefall—I

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The Gathering of Israel’s Outcasts from Exile

A hard fact of Isaiah’s endtime scenario is that it isn’t those who appear to be God’s people whom God saves in the end but those who are rejected by the majority. These “outcasts” suffer “reproach” and “ridicule,” are “excluded” from God’s people, and, like God’s servant who gathers them, are “despised” and “abhorred” until

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Being You

“Being me” has meant learning to discern what is of God and what is of man, then choosing what is of God. That is the only way I feel true to myself. Choosing the opposite has caused me inner conflict, whether I was aware of the source of the conflict or not. A part of

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