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Isaiah predicts that before Jehovah’s coming to reign on the earth, kings and queens of the Gentiles will restore the house of Israel to God’s covenant and to lands of inheritance. We know from this prophecy and from other scriptures that these persons will serve as spiritual kings and queens not political ones. On the other hand, God promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that kings would come from their descendants, and we know that the birthright tribe of Ephraim assimilated into the Gentiles over many centuries. I therefore assume that the kings and queens of the Gentiles likely themselves originate from Israelite lineages.

As I’m not aware of a religion that gives specific guidelines into what makes a king or queen, if I were to serve among those who participate in Israel’s endtime restoration, how would I minister in that capacity? To that question, I found the answer in Isaiah’s pattern of what makes a king under the terms of the Davidic Covenant. That was the covenant God made with King David and his heirs at a time when the Philistines threatened God’s people with annihilation. Because Israel’s endtime restoration will occur under similar threats of annihilation, it has seemed important to me to know how the terms of the Davidic Covenant work.

After the Sinai Covenant no longer protected the people when they broke God’s law, the Davidic Covenant could protect them so long as they kept the king’s law. Under this new arrangement, however, the king was required to answer for their transgressions against God. For the king, therefore, this was a much harder law to keep than before. In order to merit his people’s physical protection, the king had to “bear their iniquities” on his own shoulders, which was a higher law. I soon realized that the king’s becoming his people’s proxy savior—their intercessor with God—was something I could immediately apply to my own family.

The great example of King Hezekiah in Isaiah’s day—when God delivered his people from an invading Assyrian horde—showed that the king’s role often involved much suffering as he fulfilled his spiritual role of answering to God for his people’s transgressions. In this fellowship of suffering, on the other hand, I perceived that we emulate the great proxy Savior who gained our spiritual salvation. I remembered Paul’s admonition that if we suffer with him, we also will be like him. As I have “made deals” with God to pay whatever price he requires under a similar arrangement, I have seen the straylings of my family return.

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Rayanne Spottedbull
Rayanne Spottedbull
2 years ago

I am married to one of the remnants of the children of Israel. Joseph said , if , “Ye have a desire he are called to the work” and the “ labourer is WORTHY of his hire.. “ so I don’t know about a “mixture of the gentiles “ you suggest? I know I am anointed to be a nursing queen , which gives me the work to carry them on my shoulders . Which I do ,for and with my lamanite husband and six sons every day.. bringing them to Christ as a queen should .. Saints in the temple SAY they are anointed to become Kings and Queens . I can testify, that unless we “DO” all in our Christ given anointment to carry in our arms and shoulders, these people .. the First Nations people , the children of Israel, Kings and Queens we shall not Be.. what are the saints waiting for?? Joseph told us who they were.. and yet stakes presidents from where I live choose not to feed them Christmas dinner at the shelter but we gather for Christmas dinner in our wards?! I carry quite alone in Christ to this day.. living on the reserve and standing in the holy place in my heart and my home.

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