Who are the Endtime Leaders of Ephraim?


Question: We have been studying Isaiah quite a bit using your materials. We are also LDS. When Isaiah talks about Ephraim and its leaders’ wickedness, do you think it applies (in general) to God’s people who have received His ordinances and made covenants, or does it apply to all peoples who are trying to follow Christ, whether or not they have the fullness of the gospel?

Answer: Your question has been a concern to many. The answer is to learn what the scripture (the Lord) is saying and then to seek answers from him. But please remember that Isaiah is speaking of an endtime situation that may not have fully developed as yet, not until God’s servant appears on the scene. And even then, we cannot judge others and their stewardships as ours too may be lacking, and we should keep in mind that one degree of apostasy doesn’t justify another that would lead one to grow disaffected from the church.

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