That’s Controversial!

If you have ever ventured to discuss some aspect of Isaiah’s prophecies with someone who was unacquainted with it, you may have inadvertently provoked the sometimes hostile response of “That’s controversial!” or “That isn’t in the manual!” or “I haven’t heard that before!”—as if what they haven’t heard before can’t be true, or that the manual contains everything there is to know about a scripture, or that nothing of Isaiah’s words can possibly be controversial. Today, it seems, the prophecies of Isaiah are acting as a divider.
But if I were to put myself into the mind of someone who responds that way, I might be thinking to myself, “For years now, I have wrapped my head around the church’s teachings. I have a good handle on the gospel. I have taught it in the classroom, in seminary, and I know the scriptures. So why are you telling me things that are totally outside the reality I have grown up in? Why are all these uncomfortable ideas suddenly surfacing? Can’t you see I’m dealing with a lot of current things that need my attention and not this freaky stuff?”
On the other hand, if I was an honest person to my core, and a friend took the trouble to acquaint me with more about the scriptures than I was familiar with, my love of the truth would overcome the inconvenience of looking into it until I had determined for myself whether it was true based on the scriptures. Even if the new truths I held fast to divided me from the majority opinion, I would still know I was on the right path and would still love others the same. Didn’t Jesus warn his disciples that division would mark the time of his coming?
“Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three. The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother” (Luke 12:51–53). Didn’t Nephi and Jesus predict a great end-time division between the Ephraimite Gentiles who repent and those who harden their hearts (1 Nephi 14:7; 2 Nephi 30:10; 3 Nephi 21:6, 22)?
Why indeed haven’t we been taught from the scriptures that hardening our hearts and sliding into idolatry and apostasy are the very things that precipitate the rise of a world military alliance from the North whom God empowers to conquer the world and cleanse it of wickedness? Or that those events precede Jesus’ second coming—the coming of Israel’s God Jehovah to reign on the earth according to the prophecies of Isaiah? Or that God has revealed Isaiah’s prophecies so his people might prepare for these events and not be caught unawares?
We would then know, for example, that Isaiah predicted many things we are currently dealing with. That the pandemic “scourge” won’t end until the Lord comes because even at this critical point in time we haven’t moved beyond the line-upon-line or “milk” mode of learning to the meat of the gospel—to relying on personal revelation. That we “have treated lightly the things you have received” and turned from God’s word to “precepts of men” (Isaiah 28:9–19; 29:13; Hebrews 5:12; Doctrine & Covenant 45:28–32; 84:54–58; 97:22–23).
Instead of the Ephraimite Gentiles’ assuming their role of restoring the house of Israel according to the prophecies of Isaiah, a majority will reject their truth, saying, “We need no more of the word of God for we have enough” (2 Nephi 28:29). Comparatively few—the Ephraimite Gentiles’ spiritual kings and queens—will in the end “shut their mouths at him, for what was not told them they shall see, and what they had not heard they shall consider” and fulfil their end-time missions (Isaiah 49:22–23; 52:15; 2 Nephi 10:7–10; 3 Nephi 21:8).
If the prophecies of Isaiah are controversial, then God’s truth is controversial, not the messenger of his truth. So what if Isaiah’s words require a complete reorientation of our thinking in order for us to understand them? Why would it not be a good thing for us to comprehend his many words quoted in the New Testament, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine & Covenants without our having known that they originated with Isaiah? In what way would it not benefit us spiritually to comprehend all scriptures in one once we understand Isaiah?

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3 thoughts on “That’s Controversial!”

  1. People in general live far below their potential, far below. The greater practical principles of salvation are at their fingertips and yet they remain invisible to them. And so they therefore suffer the consequences in their lives as a result of breaking the principles they do not see. Blessings only come from obedience to principles regardless of how “good” or deserving one may be. Break a principle knowingly or ignorantly and you suffer the consequences the same.

    My experience as a teacher in elders quorum years ago and as a gospel doctrine teacher is that many harden their hearts to the truth, and even more so if that truth does not come from within the scriptures, the Manuel’s or from a well know church leader.

    Latter Day Saints are quick to point out that it is not “safe” to clarify God’s principles from a source not of LDS origin. In fact if one was to continue to sight such sources and clarifying such strange doctrine from a source other than LDS he would be run out on a rail, maybe even thrown off a cliff (well at least released) regardless of the unarguable and immutable principle that is being taught along with the good and the progress understanding it would bring about.

    This is not for the LDS student alone but in general. What people are not up on, they generally tend to be down on. Sometimes success overcomes this barrier among the truth seekers, but not so in the church classroom setting. “We have enough and until God reveals more through then proper channels don’t even try to add to it,” seems to be the common response.

    There is no judgement on people as a whole, it’s understandable how a group or society or mankind falls into such error. And only God can provide the ways and means to set the course aright. I don’t claim to be perfect, just better than I used to be. God is about to reveal it from the rooftops. I so look forward to seeing the world go right to where God is taking it. It will be a marvelous work and a wonder to behold. Like yourself and many of your students, which I claim to be one, we intend to play a role in it all.

    Until such time that it becomes acceptable it is best received only by those who are ready and looking for more, regardless of where it comes from. But, that is so few and so slow, it makes only a small impact. It needs to make a worldly impact, and it will.

    So much of what there is to gain in understanding and clarity pertaining to some of the most important fundamental principles pertaining to personal development and salvation and developing practical godlike character here and now comes from sources outside the LDS circles. Although they are contained in fragments within but not with enough clarity that one could easily identify and understand it and then apply it.

    This is very unfortunate because it would create equality and abundance and prosperity on an unprecedented scale within the church due to the unity, submissive nature and organization of the church which is the greatest in existence on the earth today. It’s only a degree or two off course. Not in a sinful way but in a sin of omission kind of way, due to ignorance and lack of real leadership. There are no doubt great leaders alive and leading in the church today, but they are boxed into more of a “corporate” kind of setting where the walls cannot yet be broken down. The end time servant will perform such a work through mighty miracles that will cause all to marvel, even the first presidency and quorum of the twelve. This will no doubt have to be the case in order for them to become meek and submissive to the words he will teach. The words that must be taught.

    Truly only the meek will inherit the earth because not only are they teachable, but they will embrace the “invisible laws” write them on their hearts and begin to facilitate them in their actions. Zion or “heaven on earth” can come about in no other way. Some good people no doubt will resist such a course as it unfolds. Thanks to you Avraham many more who would not have been open to it are now open to and understand it.

    Heaven on earth is an inside job that has consequences on the outer world, and until that is understood God and all the holy angels couldn’t make it happen among mankind. It has to come from one of their own who as of yet has not penetrated their hard hearts and stiff necks with brows like brass. But this time it will, this is the end times. It has to.

  2. You nailed it! The divisions have been drawn in family’s as well as work and churches, the plague is never over, the world is in turmoil, war is ever on the horizon, fear grips the minds, hearts are failing men, nations put their trust in science rather than God, the faithful believers are being scattered into the wilderness as they receive personal revelations, dreams and visions are abounding in those who are called. Areas of the world are in lock down where no one can buy nor sell without proof of vac. The world has become unstable, fires abound, natures destructive forces are becoming more abundant world wide, and death seems to be touching everyone everywhere. The stars and heavens show signs that have been spoken of in the scriptures centuries ago, and we haven’t even seen the worst of it yet. What more do we need of truth? Our God of the universe speaks to us in so many ways. Those who repent and return to remember the Lord need to stay vigilant and true to him who has redeemed us from all our sins if we only keep the faith and believe, because he is coming…as a thief in the night. Yeah, I am seeing it unfolding right before my very own eyes.

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