Spiritual Levels—Re-creation


Explanation: As people ascend the spiritual ladder by keeping the laws of God’s covenants pertaining to each level, God re-creates them closer to his own image and likeness. By keeping the laws God has decreed, they grow more like God and acquire his divine attributes. Isaiah’s creation theme shows that God continues to create or re-create candidates ascending on each level of the ladder. Even the heavens and the earth participate in this creation and re-creation.

God creates the heavens and the earth—Isaiah 45:12
God creates the earth’s creatures—Isaiah 42:5
God creates humanity—Isaiah 27:11; 42:5; 45:12
God creates the ends of the earth—Isaiah 40:28
God creates/re-creates Jacob/Israel—Isaiah 43:1; 44:1–2
God creates/re-creates Zion/Jerusalem—Isaiah 52:2; 65:18
God creates/re-creates his elect sons and daughters—Isaiah 43:6–7
God creates/re-creates his endtime servant—Isaiah 42:6; 49:5, 8
God creates/re-creates Paradise on the earth—Isaiah 41:18–20; 51:3
God creates/re-creates new heavens and a new earth—Isaiah 65:17
God creates/re-creates the exalted hosts of heaven—Isaiah 40:26; 45:12

Can you discern how much of God’s creation is actually RE-CREATION?

(Taken from Isaiah Made Simple, p 147)

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