Spiritual Levels—De-Creation


Explanation: Souls who choose the opposite of keeping God’s laws atrophy to where they no longer resemble who they used to be. Isaiah uses imagery of physical impairments, vegetation, and the spirits of beasts to portray people who lose the light they once had. Their destruction in God’s Day of Judgment that is coming upon the world shows what happens to them in the end.

The wicked are as dry weeds ready to be burned—Isaiah 5:24; 37:27; 40:8
Blind prophets compare to dumb watchdogs unable to bark—Isaiah 56:10
The idolaters among God’s people are blind and deaf—Isaiah 42:17–20; 59:10
Violent peoples are turned into dust and flying chaff—Isaiah 17:12–13; 29:5
The wicked typify briars and thorns to be set ablaze—Isaiah 9:18; 10:17; 33:12
The king of Assyria is like a snorting horse and bellowing bull—Isaiah 37:29
Babylon’s entertainers compare to jackals and howling creatures—Isaiah 13:22
Babylon’s forecasters of trends resemble stubble for the fire—Isaiah 47:13–14
Evil powers and authorities are reduced to dust and chaff—Isaiah 40:23–24; 41:2
Transgressors among God’s people resemble growling bears—Isaiah 59:11–12
The wicked of the world are slaughtered like rams, bulls, and steers—Isaiah 34:6–7

In what ways does people’s wickedness lead to their DE-CREATION?

(Taken from Isaiah Made Simple, p 148)

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