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Question: An author recently made a convincing case that the newly crowned king of England is the Antichrist. Is that possible?

Answer: The king of England does not fit the scriptural pattern of the end-time Antichrist. Isaiah depicts the Antichrist as the tyrannical ruler of a militaristic world power from the North—from an end-time “Assyria”—who succeeds in conquering the modern world by committing global genocide using weapons of mass destruction.

Other political and spiritual antichrist rulers, however, come to prominence before and during God’s worldwide Day of Judgment, such as a despotic ruler of end-time “Egypt” (America) called the “Dragon” and an end-time “false prophet,” both of whom give their power to the “Beast” or Antichrist (Revelation 13:1–5; 15:13–14).

Isaiah’s end-time scenario—as determined by internal literary patterns—nevertheless includes an apostate ruler of the house of David typified by King Ahaz who is replaced by a righteous ruler of the house of David typified by King Hezekiah. In short, the Lord appoints his servant David on the heels of his counterpart’s committing treason.

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