Question about God’s End-Time Servant Helping to Create the Earth


Question: Does Isaiah say that God’s end-time servant helped to create the earth?

Answer: Isaiah reveals many mysteries of God through the different literary devices he uses that come to light only through searching. Those who keep Jesus’ commandment to search Isaiah’s words diligently are bound to discover many truths embedded in his book that lie beyond where others are willing to go—or even believe when they are told them. Isn’t a major reason for so many scriptures’ still being held back because we haven’t yet believed all we have been given but instead have taken them lightly, assuming we already know? Aren’t many of God’s promises reserved exclusively for those who learn how to search the scriptures and live what they learn?

Aliases or metaphorical pseudonyms of the main characters in Isaiah’s end-time scenario include the Lord’s left “hand”—his hand of punishment—and his right “hand” of deliverance, who is his servant. Also called “righteousness,” God’s servant is sent as an exemplar of righteousness and as a “light” to the Gentiles in a time of wickedness and self-righteousness. Word searches of these and other such terms reveal a prophecy within a prophecy of the mission of God’s servant and his rival, the end-time king of Assyria. The “hand” metaphor that mentions the servant’s participation in creating the heavens and the earth is found in Isaiah 45:12–13; 48:13–15; 66:2.

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