The Book of Isaiah: Analytical Translation with Comprehensive Concordance


A versified modern English translation of the Book of Isaiah with highlighted keywords, cross references, and concordance that facilitates word searches.

Publication: Avraham Gileadi, The Book of Isaiah: Analytical Translation with Comprehensive Concordance. A beautiful modern English rendering of the Book of Isaiah from the Hebrew Masoretic Text for Judeo-Christian readers, poetically formatted with a comprehensive concordance that facilitates word studies: 301 pages. (First edition, Hebraeus Press, 2012). Softcover, $22.95, ISBN 978-0-910511-14-4. E-Book, $7.95, ISBN 978-0-910511-28-4.

Back Cover: This eloquent translation of the Book of Isaiah includes highlighted key words, cross-referenced word links, footnotes of textual variations in the Dead Sea scroll of Isaiah and Septuagint Version, and footnotes of alternative translations and of textual dislocations and anomalies.

Testimonial: “A new and distinctive translation which constitutes an advance upon other modern translations”—Professor Roland K. Harrison, Wycliffe College, Toronto, Editor-in-Chief, The New King James Version.

Testimonial: “Dr. Gileadi’s translation is clear and smooth, allowing the reader to appreciate the power and beauty of Isaiah as conveyed in the Hebrew original”—Professor Herbert M. Wolf, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois.

From Avraham Gileadi: One of the building blocks toward a person’s gaining his own understanding of Isaiah’s prophetic message is to become familiar with using a concordance to search individual terms, word links, key words, codenames, and imagery in order to obtain Isaiah’s definitions of these. If meanings we had previously assigned to them, for example, differ from Isaiah’s, we may need to unlearn these to get at their real meaning. In this Analytical Translation many such terms are highlighted for convenience, making the search easier. These, and cross-references to other parts of the Book of Isaiah, help unravel its amazing interconnectedness and Isaiah’s practice of layering “prophecies within a prophecy.”


How to Read the Analytical Translation


Selected Reference Works


Excerpt: Isaiah 51:9–11:

9 Awake, arise; clothe yourself with power, O arm of Jehovah!

Bestir yourself, as in ancient times, as in generations of old.

Was it not you who carved up Rahab, you who slew the dragon?

10 Was it not you who dried up the Sea, the waters of the mighty deep,

and made of ocean depths a way by which the redeemed might pass?

11 Let the ransomed of Jehovah return! Let them come singing to Zion,

their heads crowned with everlasting joy; let them obtain joy and gladness,

and sorrow and sighing flee away.

Excerpt: ARM

8:9       you may arm yourselves but shall

30:30   make visible his arm descending

33:2     strength of arm from morning to

40:10   with power; his arm presides for

40:11   up with his arm and carries in his

44:5     inscribe on their arm, To Jehovah

44:12   his god by the strength of his arm

48:14   Babylon; his arm shall be against

51:5     anticipate me, awaiting my arm.

51:9     power, O arm of Jehovah! Bestir

52:10* bared his holy arm in the eyes of

53:1     account has the arm of Jehovah

59:16   arm brought about salvation for

62:8     his right hand, his mighty arm: I

63:5     arm brought about salvation for

63:12   made his glorious arm proceed at

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