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“Hear the word of Jehovah, O leaders of Sodom; give heed to the law of our God, you people of Gomorrah!” (Isaiah 1:10)

“It is the will of Jehovah that, because of his righteousness, they magnify the law and become illustrious.” (Isaiah 42:21)

“But they have no desire to walk in his ways or obey his law. So in the heat of his anger he pours out on them the violence of war, till it envelopes them in flames—yet they remain unaware—till it sets them on fire; yet they take it not to heart.” (Isaiah 42:24–25)

“Go now, write on tablets concerning them; record it in a book for the endtime, as a testimony forever. They are a rebellious people, sons who break faith, children unwilling to obey the law of Jehovah.” (Isaiah 30:8–9)

“As a blazing fire consumes stubble, and as dry weeds wane before the flame, so shall their roots decay away and their blossoms fly up like dust. For they have despised the law of Jehovah of Hosts and reviled the words of the Holy One of Israel.” (Isaiah 5:24)

“Bind up the testimony; seal the law among my disciples. I will wait for Jehovah, who hides his face from the house of Jacob, and expect him.” (Isaiah 8:16–17)

“Hear me, you who know righteousness, O people in whose heart is my law: Do not fear the reproach of men; be undaunted by their ridicule.” (Isaiah 51:7)

“As the rains and snows descend from the sky, and return not to it without watering the earth, to render it fertile and fruitful—providing seed for the sower and food for the eater—so is the word that leaves my mouth: it does not return to me empty; it accomplishes what I desire, achieves the purpose for which I sent it.” (Isaiah 55:10–11)

“Listen to me, my people; give heed to me, O my nation: The law shall go forth from me; my precepts shall be a light to the peoples. Then, suddenly, I will act: My righteousness shall be at hand and my salvation proceed; my arms shall judge the peoples—the isles anticipate me, awaiting my arm.” (Isaiah 51:4–5)

“This is my covenant with them, says Jehovah: My Spirit which is upon you and my words which I have placed in your mouth shall not depart from your mouth, nor from the mouth of your offspring, nor from the mouth of their offspring, says Jehovah, from now on and forever.” (Isaiah 59:21)

“Your ears shall hear words from behind you saying, This is the way; walk in it! should you turn left or right.” (Isaiah 30:21)

“For out of Zion shall go forth the law, and from Jerusalem the word of Jehovah. He will judge between the nations and arbitrate for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares, their spears into pruning hooks: nation will not lift the sword against nation, nor will they learn warfare anymore.” (Isaiah 2:3–4)

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The Isaiah Institute was created in the year 2000 by the Hebraeus Foundation to disseminate the message of the prophet Isaiah (circa 742–701 B.C.). Avraham Gileadi Ph.D’s groundbreaking research and analysis of the Book of Isaiah provides the ideal medium for publishing Isaiah’s endtime message to the world. No longer can the Book of Isaiah be regarded as an obscure document from a remote age. Its vibrant message, decoded after years of painstaking research by a leading authority in his field, now receives a new application as a sure guide to a rapidly changing world. To those who seek answers to today’s perplexing questions, the Book of Isaiah is God’s gift to humanity.

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