How do we overcome iniquities? How do we know we are forgiven?


Question: How do we overcome iniquities? How do we know we are forgiven?

Answer: We overcome “iniquities”—our inherited or our own dysfunctional patterns—the same way we overcome our “sins,” which are our transgressions of God’s commandments. That is, we keep repenting of them until the perfect day. When we fully repent of transgressions, we receive a remission of our sins through the great atonement for sin Jesus made on our behalf. At that point, the Holy Spirit witnesses to us that we are clean and we literally feel we have been forgiven.

As we continue this repenting process and begin keeping a higher law—the law of serving God with our might and offering our all in sacrifice—we overcome our dysfunctional behaviors, ferreting out all things inappropriate until we become purified and sanctified through the atoning blood of the Lamb of God. In this perfection process, we make the transition from what is called “justification” to “sanctification,” at which point our Savior manifests himself to us personally.

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