How Can We Identify the Endtime Servant?


Question: Can you give the signs needed to identify the “Endtime or Davidic servant”? Will his coming be easily detected?

Answer: Because the servant is “hidden” from the world for the purpose of testing God’s people at the time God calls him, I tend to stay away from talking about this person’s identity other than to search the scriptures that mention him in his different personas—so that when he does arrive on the world stage we will recognize him as fitting those scriptural accounts. One such scripture appears in the Book of Revelation, where the Dragon waits for the Woman Zion to give birth to him so that he may devour him (Revelation 12:4–6).

That scenario is discussed in the third chapter of my book, Endtime Prophecy: A Judeo-Mormon Analysis. Although the servant’s mission is worldwide almost from the start, because so many people today are indoctrinated by the “precepts of men” they won’t recognize him because they haven’t searched the scriptures to know for themselves.

The safest policy for ensuring people will recognize the servant is searching the words of Isaiah, and also those of Jeremiah and Ezekiel that mention the endtime David. These predict his coming at the end of the world and show that his mission is temporal as well as spiritual in nature, in restoring the twelve tribes of Israel as a preparation for the coming of Jehovah/Jesus to reign on the earth, and that this mission is thus distinct from that of Jesus, which was spiritual and distinct from that of any latter-day prophet.

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  1. I always thought that Rev 12:4-6 were talking about Jesus Christ. How are you interpreting that John is referring to Jesus Christ’s end time servant? I don’t see it in these scriptures.

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