Will the Davidic Servant be Easily Detected?


Question: Can you give the signs needed to identify the “Endtime or Davidic servant”? Will his coming be easily detected?

Answer: Because the servant is “hidden” from the world for the purpose of testing God’s people at the time God calls him, I tend to stay away from talking about this person’s identity other than to search the scriptures that mention him in his different personas—so that when he does arrive on the world stage we will recognize him as fitting those scriptural accounts. One such scripture appears in the Book of Revelation, where the Dragon waits for the Woman Zion to give birth to him so that he may devour him (Revelation 12:4–6).

That scenario is discussed in the third chapter of my book, Endtime Prophecy: A Judeo-Mormon Analysis. Although the servant’s mission is worldwide almost from the start, because so many people today are indoctrinated by the “precepts of men” they won’t recognize him because they haven’t searched the scriptures to know for themselves.

The safest policy for ensuring people will recognize the servant is searching the words of Isaiah, and also those of Jeremiah and Ezekiel that mention the endtime David. These predict his coming at the end of the world and show that his mission is temporal as well as spiritual in nature, in restoring the twelve tribes of Israel as a preparation for the coming of Jehovah/Jesus to reign on the earth, and that this mission is thus distinct from that of Jesus, which was spiritual and distinct from that of any latter-day prophet.

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5 thoughts on “Will the Davidic Servant be Easily Detected?”

  1. A few thoughts about the Davidic-Servant:

    We’ve specifically been commanded by God (in 3 Nephi) to diligently study Isaiah because in the last-days there will be a type of those events happening and we need to be aware of it. When you read Isaiah, you’ll see that the leaders of the people of God are wicked. The curious thing for most is how that’s going to look to us, and how we’ll recognize the signs we’re told to look for. For example: Isaiah said there will be a virgin as a sign. So naturally everyone thinks that Jesus fulfilled that sign, so there won’t be another sign like that again. BUT… Jesus told us to look for the signs AFTER He was crucified, therefor the signs of Isaiah WILL HAPPEN AGAIN, in our day. We are to look for a virgin as a sign… but a sign of what?!

    The reason people are looking for signs, especially in the heavens (constellation Virgo), is because of the prophecies surrounding the last-days events. As we learn from diligent study, we discover that there will be a man, a specific person hidden from his own self and the world, called by God to turn the hearts of the children to their fathers and fathers to children, otherwise the whole world will be cursed and a complete waste, as you can see is happening now;) What that means is that God is telling us to look for a man that has the authority to immerse and baptize, to receive tithing for the poor, and to establish the Kingdom of God, crying repentance and so forth. The way to recognize this man will be to first know the signs in Isaiah. The other scriptures are full of types and shadows of this man. Anyway, the point is that this man is a servant of God/Jesus, and supposed to establish the covenant of God and man. It’s a big deal, but just about everyone has missed the boat with understanding the prophecy. They don’t know that a new star was found in the womb and bowels of Virgo 42 years ago.

  2. In the 1879 version of the Book of Mormon, Orson Pratt, Senior divided the book into chapters and verses, and provided references. Interestingly, in 2 Nephi 3:24, footnote l, an Indian prophet is used to describe “one mighty among them, who shall do much good, both in word and in deed, being an instrument in the hands of God, with exceeding faith, to work mighty wonders, and do that thing which is great in the sight of God, unto the bringing to pass much restoration unto the house of Israel, and unto the seed of thy brethren.”

    This END-TIME restorer of the house of Israel to the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be an INDIAN from America, who is a descendant of Lehi, possibly of the tribe of Manasseh, from which tribe Lehi’s descendants were when they joined Judah in Jerusalem before coming to America in 600 B.C. Can you shed any light on this Dr. Gileadi?

  3. I remember back in 1968 general conference when Joseph Fielding Smith was the prophet, we were standing in line waiting to shake the prophets hand, and there was this lady with a very restless boy about 6 years old, running around the Tabernacle, as he ran past Joseph Fielding Smith he reached down and picked up the boy and held him in his arms. When his mother finally reached president Smith I was behind her and she asked president Smith”has Prince David been born yet?” President Smith looked at the boy in his arms and said “what a fine boy you have here, Prince David has been born and here he is” he handed the boy back to the mother. Everyone was in shock that they were able to see Prince David.

  4. Very timely message! If one is watching the signs and studying Isaiah, it seems that the end time servant will be coming on the scene very soon!

  5. Agree with the comments to focus on the existing words in the gospel to clearly understand Latter-Day prophecy.

    It was stated in the blog the following.

    “ One such scripture appears in the Book of Revelation, where the Dragon waits for the Woman Zion to give birth to him so that he may devour him (Revelation 12:4–6).”

    I wish to bring in more of revelations 12 foe context.

    Revelations 12:1 describes a woman who is enveloped with the sun, uses the moon for a footstool and is crowned with twelve special lights. To me it is clear from years of study. The woman is a Church who received an abundance of one to one direct revelations as the sun shines each day. The moon reflects the light from the Sun. Another example of this is scriptures can reflect Gods light from him. The twelve are additional light of truth but not as strong as the sun but light.

    Revelation 12:2 was the difficult birth. This church worked to bring forth the child which was Zion. As soon as it was born it was taken up to Gods domain left for the Latter-Days as described in Pearl of Great Price (Moses 7) and Isaiah.

    Satan was present during the early restoration and to make sure Zion would not take root. Satan got into the hearts of people to display envy, hatred, jealously, power and poor. Satan even was able to insert doctrines to confuse the Saints and stir up more hatred against the church and Saints. Seven doctrines to be precise. This with the failure in establishing Zion is what caused the expulsion into the wilderness for time, times and halftime to grow what? The Root of Jesse which is the Kingdom of God so that the Kingdom of Heaven may be.

    God knows all. He knew that the early Saints would fail to establish Zion but God had to try as he was proving that man is an enemy to God. He knew the early church would go to the wilderness and it was needed so the roots would grow and spread through out the world. To me Revelations 11-12 are fulfilled in Daniels 62nd week. Rest of revelations is for the 69th week.

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