Does God Let Prophets Lead People Astray?


Question: I have always wanted to follow the prophet but I’m having difficulty doing so recently. My friends say the prophet will never lead people astray because if he did the Lord would take him away. Is this true?

Answer: The beliefs that we should follow a prophet and that a prophet of God won’t lead people astray are not scriptural. On the contrary, the scriptures teach that we should follow Jesus Christ, not a man. If we don’t, we may get embroiled in keeping a lesser law. As the times we live in are characterized by deception and life-threatening situations, these are divinely calculated to weed out the foolish virgins who are deceived from the wise who know Jesus.

As we are meant to act and not be acted upon, it is for us to deal personally with challenges. If not, how shall we ascend above a terrestrial glory? Many scriptural precedents and prophecies exist of political and ecclesiastical leaders’ leading people astray in times of wickedness. Typical of this are Jesus’ day and the time before his second coming. Jesus has a personalized answer to our challenges in every situation. Why not trust in it and go forward in faith?

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