A Man Named “Righteousness”


“Thus says the Lord: Observe justice and perform righteousness, for my salvation will soon come when my righteousness is revealed.” (Isaiah 56:1)

“Listen to me, my people; give heed to me, O my nation: The law shall go forth from me; my precepts shall be a light to the peoples. Then, suddenly, I will act: My righteousness shall be at hand and my salvation proceed; my arms shall judge the peoples—the isles anticipate me, awaiting my arm.” (Isaiah 51:4–5)

“Be silent before me, O isles; become still, you peoples! Let them come forward and state their case; let us stand trial together. Who has raised up Righteousness from the east, calling him to [the place of] his foot? Who has delivered nations to him, toppled their rulers, rendering them as dust to his sword, as driven stubble to his bow? He puts them to flight, passing on unhindered by paths his feet have never trod.” (Isaiah 41:1–3)

“I summon a bird of prey from the east, from a distant land the man who performs my counsel. What I have spoken, I bring to pass; what I have planned, I do. Hear me, you stubborn-hearted, who are far from righteousness: I have brought near my righteousness; it is not now far off—my salvation shall no longer be delayed. I will grant deliverance in Zion, and to Israel my glory.” (Isaiah 46:11–13)

“Though favor be shown the wicked, they will not learn righteousness; in a land of uprightness they remain perverse and see not the glory of the Lord. O Lord, your hand is lifted up, but they perceive it not. Let them perceive with dismay your zeal for your people when the fire prepared for your enemies consumes them.” (Isaiah 26:10–11)

“When integrity is lacking, they who shun evil become a prey. The Lord saw that there was no justice, and it displeased him. When he saw it, he wondered why there was no man, no one who would intercede. So his own arm brought about salvation for him; his righteousness rallied to his cause.” (Isaiah 59:15–16)

“Thus says the Lord God: I lay in Zion a stone, a keystone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation. They who believe it will not do rashly. I will make justice the measure, righteousness the weight; a hail shall sweep away your false refuge and waters flood the hiding place. Your covenant with Death shall prove void, your understanding with Sheol have no effect: when the flooding scourge sweeps through, you shall be overrun by it.” (Isaiah 28:16–18)

“Hear me, you who know righteousness, O people in whose heart is my law: Do not fear the reproach of men; be undaunted by their ridicule. For the moth shall consume them like a garment; moths shall devour them like wool. But my righteousness shall endure forever, my salvation through endless generations.” (Isaiah 51:7–8)

“Then shall your light break through like the dawn and your healing speedily appear; your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rearguard.” (Isaiah 58:8)

“The effect of justice shall be peace, and the result of righteousness an assured calm forever. My people shall dwell in peaceful settlements, in safe neighborhoods, in comfortable dwellings. Blessed are you, who shall then sow by all waters, letting oxen and asses range free.” (Isaiah 32:17–18)

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