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When President Ezra Taft Benson used to say “Find out what your mission in life is and pay any price to fulfill it,” it made me think that each of us has a calling in life that is unique to us besides the general calling for us to be saved from sin and obtain eternal life. Temporal life, in other words—the life we live in our mortal state—is configured differently for each of us in order that ultimately we can lift and help one another as we travel our own individual paths back to God.

The book Visions of Glory by John Pontius opened the minds of many to the possibility of our imminently participating in the events leading up to the coming of our Savior in glory to reign on the earth. In that book, as his servants went about bringing many to Zion, it was the perfect timing or synchronicity of their labors in relation to one another that was fascinating to observe. Once his servants became one with Christ, he could time their every move to the last second.

That divine principle—that becoming one with Christ in every thought, word, and deed led to his being able to coordinate their actions perfectly with those of other serviceable souls—revealed the only basis on which the restoration of the house of Israel and establishment of Zion on the earth could come to pass. Even if one accepts the academics who put their own spin on Visions of Glory and then condemn it based on their distortions, that divine principle still holds true.

That means the sooner we align our lives with God’s will, learning what our “mission in life” is, the sooner the house of Israel will be restored, Zion established on the earth, and the Savior’s coming to Zion made real as in Enoch’s day. The divine blueprint our temporal lives were meant to follow have been there all along. Christ’s personal program for each of us has waited for us to discover by asking, believing, and paying any price to fulfill it because that is what it will take.

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Об Институте Исайи

Институт Исайи был создан в 2000 году Фондом Гебрей для распространения послания пророка Исайи (около 742-701 гг. до н.э.). Новаторские исследования и анализ Книги пророка Исайи, проведенные Авраамом Гилеади, обеспечивают идеальную среду для публикации послания Исайи миру в конце времен. Книга Исайи больше не может рассматриваться как непонятный документ далекой эпохи. Ее яркое послание, расшифрованное после многих лет кропотливых исследований ведущим авторитетом в своей области, теперь получает новое применение в качестве надежного руководства для быстро меняющегося мира. Для тех, кто ищет ответы на недоуменные вопросы сегодняшнего дня, Книга пророка Исайи - это Божий дар человечеству.

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