We are grateful for your help in publishing the prophet Isaiah’s end-time message to the world. Your donation to the Isaiah Institute goes directly toward making the following possible:

1. Online Learning Curriculum

Project: Eleven online learning courses on Isaiah’s end-time message for beginning, middle, and advanced levels. Status: All in process, four nearing completion. Cost: $2,000 for stock images and website hosting.

2. Audio Book Narrations

Project 1: Narration of the Apocalyptic Commentary of the Book of Isaiah. Status: Awaiting funding. Cost: $2,500.
Project 2: Narration of The End from the Beginning: The Apocalyptic Vision of Isaiah. Status: In process. Cost: $1,000.

3. Internet Marketing Outreach

Project: Isaiah Institute outreach through social media marketing. Status: Anticipated expansion. Cost: $400 per month.

4. Professional Video Creation

Project 1: Viral videos of Isaiah’s end-time message specially designed for the Isaiah Institute’s new Judeo-Christian website, Status: Awaiting funding. Cost: $24,000.

Project 2: Isaiah Codeworks Series—Twelve 3- or 4-minute videos depicting the characters and events of Isaiah’s end-time scenario for Judeo-Christian audiences. Status: Awaiting funding. Cost: $28,000.

5. New Book Publications

Isaiah for Children: An End-Time Fairytale—An illustrated children’s story based on Isaiah’s archetypal characters and actions that parallel classic fairytales. Status: In planning stage. Cost: Artwork and production $9,000.

6. International Translations

Project 1: Russian translation of Isaiah Decoded. Making this publication accessible to many Eastern European readers who understand Russian. Status: Completion anticipated by early 2023. Cost: $8,000, recently met by generous donations. Thank you!

Project 2: Hebrew translation of Isaiah Decoded—Making this publication accessible to Israeli readers. Status: Completion anticipated by late 2023. Cost: $16,000, recently met by generous donations. Thank you!

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