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For the first time, we announce Isaiah Flashcards, which are innovative cards which condense the 50 most important Characters, Doctrines, and Concepts contained in the Book of Isaiah into 150 cards for study and fun. Get these limited volume items today!

Publication: Avraham Gileadi, Isaiah Flashcards (Hebraeus Press, 2018). An easy memorization game for learning Isaiah’s definitions of the Characters, Concepts, and Doctrines of the Book of Isaiah. Three sets of 50 cards each for a total of 150 cards. $24.94, ISBN 0-910511-45-2. Kindle Version, $6.95, ISBN 0-910511-85-3.

Instructions: Each 50-pack of Isaiah Flashcards is designed for quick memorization of (1) the Characters who appear in Isaiah’s endtime prophecy under different names or personas; (2) the prophetic Concepts Isaiah teaches that are found throughout his writings; and (3) the spiritual Doctrines that appear from analyzing Isaiah’s definitions of his inspired words and revelations (see reverse side).

Suggestions for Use: (1) As a family learning activity or for your personal study, memorize the Characters explanations ten at a time until you have memorized all fifty. (2) Search the scriptural references provided in the Isaiah Flashcards and observe how each character appears in its scriptural context. (3) Do a comparison of the scriptural references provided and try to get a general picture of how Isaiah develops their identities. (4) Continue memorizing the Concepts and Doctrines explanations as with the Characters and test yourself or your family from time to time.

From Avraham Gileadi: The idea of using flashcards as a memorization device for learning about the characters who appear in Isaiah’s endtime scenario under different personas and codenames came to a dear friend. At first uncertain, then seeing how effectively the idea worked, I completed fifty cards for the character definitions before continuing with the same for Isaiah’s key concepts and doctrines. Quick memorization made possible by these cards seemed even more effective than gradually growing acquainted with them from books. Initially isolating these characters, concepts, and doctrines, in other words, proved extremely helpful when afterwards reading about them in their proper contexts in the writings of Isaiah.


Isaiah Characters

Isaiah Concepts

Isaiah Doctrines

Excerpt: Jehovah

The Creator of heaven and earth and Savior-God of Israel, who assumes the persona of a servant on the earth to redeem his people from sin and its evil effects, including death. (Isaiah 25:9; 43:11–13; 44:18–22; 45:17–18; 53:1–10; 63:7–9)

Excerpt: King of Assyria

An endtime archtyrant, also known as the king of Babylon, who conquers the modern world by military force as historical kings of Assyria conquered the ancient world. (Isaiah 7:20; 8:6–8; 10:3–19; 20:1–6; 36:1–20; 37:1–38)

Excerpt: Keywords

Pseudonyms or aliases of endtime persons such as God’s servant and the king of Assyria/Babylon that depict them figuratively as a rod, staff, etc., when performing their roles. (Isaiah 10:5, 15–16, 24–27; 14:4–6; 30:27–32; 51:5; 52:10)

Excerpt: Word Links

A literary device layered into a text that repeats words intermittently, connecting contexts and ideas and creating a prophecy within a prophecy that conveys underlying meanings. (Isaiah 1:26–27; 41:2; 46:11–13; 51:1, 5–7; 56:1; 58:8)

Excerpt: Day of Jehovah

God’s Day of Judgment on his apostate people and on all nations at the end of the world, at which time the wicked are destroyed and the righteous are delivered. (Isaiah 2:12; 7:17–20; 10:3–4, 20; 11:10–12; 13:6–13; 25:9)

Excerpt: Covenant of Life

The unconditional covenant of life and peace God makes with his endtime people who repent of their sins, expiate their iniquities, and prove loyal under all conditions. (Isaiah 54:10; 55:3; 61:6–9)[/TS_VCSC_Advanced_Textblock][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  1. aimee.mcdaniel

    These cards are beautiful! They are very well made and are a fun resource to have for my studies and I prepare to teach from the Book of Isaiah. My kids love to look and the pictures and ask questions about what they read from the back on the card. I love these card and I will continue to use them!

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