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Interpreting Jesus’ Chiastic Structure of 3 Nephi 20

In his prophetic discourse to the Nephites at Bountiful in 3 Nephi 20 that is based on the words of Isaiah, Jesus shows the interplay between the end-time Gentiles and house of Israel; that is, between God’s people who are of the covenant today—the Latter-day Saints—and the Jews, Ten Tribes, and Lehi’s descendants. By using […]

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Gadianton Apocalypse

Where do we imagine current societal trends will take us if left unchecked? Have we passed a point of no return? Will any people of God remain who won’t fall prey to sodomite ideologies, foolhardy economics, criminal politics, and watered down religion? When leaders abolish the “traditional ways” (Isaiah 3:12) that made this nation great,

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Sealed Books and Greater Things

Although the scriptures inform us that there exist sacred records containing greater revelations from God than those we have currently—that God is withholding them because of our unbelief (Ether 4:13–14; cf. 2 Nephi 32:7; 3 Nephi 26:8–11)—has anyone asked, “Unbelief in what?” or voiced excitement at the prospect of becoming worthy to receive those “greater

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Scapegoating Your Guilt

In line with an oft repeated historical pattern, whenever a society’s or religion’s burden of sin reaches an apogee or becomes unbearable, it seems to conveniently break out upon the heads of the Jewish people. In that way do humanity’s reprobates assuage their consciences, dumping their own guilt on others, typically blaming them for evils

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Between Heaven and Earth

What do we anticipate happens when “all things” are revealed to sanctified individuals, as is prophesied will one day come to pass (Ether 4:7)? What is the condition of individuals who receive all truth? The Savior promises that those who keep his commandments receive truth and light until they are glorified in truth and know

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A Light Shining In Darkness

When the end-time Gentiles exercise greater faith—(“even as the brother of Jared”)—the Lord responds by pouring out greater light and truth—even to the “unfolding unto them all [God’s] revelations” (Ether 4:7). The light possessed by such individuals will then serve as an ensign of righteousness to the rest of the world (Isaiah 42:6; cf. Isaiah

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The Greater Portion

The prophet Alma taught that the word of God is comparable to a seed which, when nourished, grows up into the tree of life. Faith is replaced with knowledge as light distills “as the dews from heaven,” until the tree at last grows into full maturity (Alma 32:28-42; cf. D&C 121:45). Stated another way: “It

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The Lesser Portion

Two-hundred years ago, in the early hours of September 22, 1823, the angel Moroni appeared at the bedside of the prophet Joseph Smith to announce the coming forth of an ancient record whose contents contained “the fulness of the everlasting gospel… as delivered by the Savior to the ancient inhabitants [of the American continent]” (Joseph

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Power of the Word of God

(Preface to Endtime Prophecy) How long shall the Judeo-Christian world labor under misrepresentations of the truths of God and believers still remain oblivious? Have current religions produced the visions of God and angels the ancients experienced that we read of in holy writ? If not, shouldn’t their shepherds question whether the grass really is greener

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A Time for Rebuilding Ruins

“Jehovah of Hosts [spoke this] in my hearing: Surely many buildings shall lie desolate, large and fine [houses] unoccupied.” (Isaiah 5:9) “Poor wretch, tempest-tossed and disconsolate! I will lay antimony for your building stones and sapphires for your foundations; I will make your skylights of jacinth, your gates of carbuncle, and your entire boundary of

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