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Love Isaiah!

Turning Point

I remember a talk by Elder Neal A. Maxwell to the effect that the further a person progresses spiritually, the greater the paradoxes he experiences. Certainly, the descent phase of testing that precedes spiritual ascent on Isaiah’s ladder to heaven increases in intensity so that it matches the spiritual rebirth that follows on the next …

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The Mark

The mark of which I’m speaking is one a growing number of scripture enthusiasts are looking beyond in their attempts to go directly to the end goal of becoming one of the 144,000 servants of God. A prideful sense of entitlement has gripped some in the church who openly discuss their anticipation of serving as …

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Does the Book of Isaiah Supersede All Other Prophecy?

Isaiah’s own testimony—that his revelations specifically address the end-time; that they foretell the end from the beginning; that Israel’s ancient history consists of a series of types or precedents that foreshadow things to come; and so forth—clearly define his book as centrally important to understanding God’s dealings in human history, past, present, and future. But …

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